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Taiwan Panorama / About Taiwan Panorama Magazine
* About Taiwan Panorama Magazine
* Taking Taiwan to the World

Taiwan Panorama was founded in 1976 as Sinorama magazine. Originally published only in a Chinese–English bilingual edition, further editions were later added to help meet the needs of our varied readership: a Chinese–Japanese edition and a North American version. Today, Taiwan Panorama is available in three languages (English, Chinese, and Japanese) in over 100 countries around the world.

* Our Mission—To Showcase the Vitality of Taiwan

Taiwan Panorama showcases Taiwan’s ongoing political, economic, social, and cultural evolution with insightful writing and vibrant photographs. Each month we bring you the issues you care about in a professionally translated bilingual format, and for our work we have been honored with awards including the Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award, the National Publication Award, and the Hsing Yun Journalism Award. Taiwan Panorama aspires to be the best of the best, providing in-depth discussion of public affairs and insights into Taiwanese society from all angles.

* Our Collections—A Goldmine of Knowledge

After our first collected edition, Portraits of Now, was warmly received by readers, Taiwan Panorama continued creating new collections, putting us at the forefront of collected edition publication among Taiwan’s magazines. Today, the Taiwan Panorama Collection includes more than 30 titles, including When West Meets East—International Sinology and Sinologists, Taiwan’s Indigenous Culture, Taiwan’s Extraordinary Plants and Animals, Embrace Taiwan—100 Images of Contemporary Taiwan, Shindigs and Solemnity in Taiwan, and A Taste of Taiwan. Each collection presents a microcosm of a particular aspect of Taiwan.

* Taiwan Panorama Digital—Into the Information Age

Taiwan Panorama has a history of working with media both inside and outside Taiwan. Not only have we worked with major radio stations in Taiwan to create broadcast segments, our newsletter and electronic editions are also available through several Taiwanese online platforms. In recent years, we employed digitization technology to collect our thousands of articles across 300 issues into a digital database called “Treasures of Taiwan,” providing a variety of search options to help you find what you need. This collection has been bought and used by Taiwan’s National Central Library, Academia Sinica, local libraries in Taiwan, and even several respected American colleges and universities.

We at Taiwan Panorama hope to provide every reader, be they in Taiwan or anywhere else in the world, with the most truthful, in-depth information on Taiwan. We believe that the more people understand Taiwan, the more they will fall in love with the “Beautiful Island” of Formosa. And even if you’re Taiwanese, there’s still plenty to learn about even in your own back yard!


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