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Taiwan Panorama / About this website
About this website About Taiwan Panorama Magazine
* A Window on Taiwan : The Taiwan Panorama Website
A Window for Taiwan

The Taiwan Panorama website aims to be a “Window on Taiwan” that introduces Internet users from around the world to the wonders of Taiwan and helps them to understand Taiwan better. We also hope that with our help, friends who are already familiar with Taiwan can become windows on our island themselves, and help their friends and family to explore Taiwan's riches.

Our content is based on Taiwan Panorama's in-depth reporting on all aspects of Taiwan and its society. We select the best articles from the current issue for the website, focusing primarily on the most recent developments in Taiwan. Articles are posted in Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), English, and Japanese versions. Using our full-text search function, you can easily find previously published articles on major political, economic, social, cultural, ecological and environmental developments and issues of recent years. For example, if you are looking for information on cancer prevention and treatment, simply type the term “cancer” into the search engine, and you will instantly find links to articles on organic foods, Chinese yew, biotechnology, and alternative cancer treatments.

Every Taiwan Panorama article is very readable, and filled with the hard-to-find information that newspeople, writers, and researchers prize. They are available in several languages, making them a valuable resource for students and translators too.


Our Vocab Notebook section that contains useful and interesting words, phrases and sentences selected from articles in each month's Taiwan Panorama. As a registered user you can also choose to receive a word a day by e-mail, allowing you to learn 30 Taiwan-related English words at your convenience every month. Users with a strong interest in English, an appetite for study, and a good memory can study the online Vocab Notebook to their heart's content, greatly improving their English while also gaining insight into the art of translation. Whether you plan to study abroad or must deal with foreign clients at work, the Vocab Notebook offers you the information you need to speak with them on a broad range of subjects and to help them better understand Taiwan.


Taiwan Panorama's website also provides forums where people with similar interests can chat and exchange views, speeding the learning process. Visit our forums and take a little time out from your busy life to grumble a bit, share a joke or two, and, through laughter, relieve some of the stress of daily life.

We will be updating the Taiwan Panorama website in April 2006, adding more diverse content and new sections to make it even more appealing and to better serve our readers. But one thing will remain unchanged: whether your interest is recreational or professional, the Taiwan Panorama website will continue to be your round-the-clock resource for language study.

Taiwan is an active member of the international community. We hope that the Taiwan Panorama website will foster more communication between Taiwan and the world, brightening and enriching all our lives.

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