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  About the e-magazine

Technological advances are changing the way we read, overcoming with the limitations of traditional printed reading materials. Using the Internet, you can obtain the latest publications at any time in a format that brings you all the benefits of digital content.


Convenient access:

With no need to rely on the postal system, you can purchase and download the magazine content you desire at any time.

Up-to-date information:

Magazine publishers can prompt readers to download new content.

Handy annotation:

Users can easily underline text, enlarge or reduce text size, and make queries using hyperlinks within the content.

Archive content:

Content that the user wishes to store permanently can be saved on a computer without taking any physical space.

Economical and environment-friendly:

Eliminates postal charges, and reduces the use of paper and postage ink.

excellent sales

In light of the excellent sales and praise Sinorama's electronic edition has seen, we are now taking long-term subscriptions!

Sinorama electronic edition pricing:

Single issue: NT$120

Six-month subscription: NT$600

Twelve-month subscription(includes two bonus issues): NT$1250

Free Online Sample:

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