My Brother’s Keeper: St. Joseph’s Hospital


2017 / 3月

Sanya Huang /photos courtesy of Lin Min-hsuan /tr. by Robert Green

Throughout the six decades since its founding in 1955, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Yun­lin County has been watching over the health of the local population. Several times it has been voted the best medical center in Yun­lin, and has received 11 Medical Dedication Awards. It acts as a good neighbor (in the Christian sense) to the people of Yun­lin. Nicknamed the “three treasures of St. Joseph’s,” senior staff members Father Antoine Pierrot, chaplain Godelieve Franssens and pediatrician Dr. Marguerite Billiet traveled from abroad to dedicate their lives to St. Joseph’s. Today, now that Yun­lin has numerous medical centers, St. Joseph’s has fulfilled the mission that it undertook in a different era, and the three are growing old. How then can they pass the torch of holistic care to a new generation and continue to deliver health and hope? This is the challenge the hospital faces as it seeks to transform and modernize itself.

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